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My girlfriend from college was getting married in Waverly, NY and I wasn't going to miss it. She was always there for me through my tough times in college. I would travel anywhere to be there for her.

OMG College Graduation!

Jenelle is a strong spirit and has a beautiful heart. She and Meghann always looked out for me and I am so grateful to have them in my life. Naturally, when Jenelle got engaged, I was thrilled for her. She not only found someone that cared for her friends and family as much as she did but also had a love for theatre.

Isn't downtown Pittsburgh beautiful?! We flew in to Pittsburgh as it was the closest international airport. Otherwise we would have had to land at a private airport to get closer to Waverly. Private means $$$ so we opted for a drive through the Pennsylvania country side to get to the wedding destination. After we landed, we rented a car and we were on our way. It was a five hour drive to get to Waverly. The country side was gorgeous. But I will say that after hundreds of farms and thousands of cows later, this city gal was ready to get to her destination!

It was a beautiful day in Waverly, NY so I opted for a pinstriped jumpsuit with my chartreuse clutch by Rebecca Minkoff and classic nude heels. My boyfriend, Geoff, came along for the ride and to meet one of my best friends through college.

There was a chance of rain but the weather cooperated and the wedding was beautiful. You can visit their wedding album here:

After we saw the bride and groom off, we headed back on our five hour journey to Pittsburgh. Once in downtown, we headed to the Omni William Penn. What a historical, gorgeous hotel! We entered the lobby and were greeted with elaborate hanging chandeliers, welcoming crushed velvet seating areas and of course very friendly smiles and hospitality.

After being in the car for so long, we couldn't wait to eat dinner and get to bed. We checked what was around and found that we only had to venture across the street. Union Standard turned out to be a great option.

We started with their warm potato bread that included cultured butter and apple jam. How un-American would we be if we didn't start the meal with bread?! To add a lite bite, we ordered from their raw bar. The wild shrimp cocktail was very fresh and just what we needed. I tried their sea scallops with apple and roasted, earthy vegetables. The perfect ending came with Union Standard's dense, flourless chocolate cake with caramel ice cream and citrus notes. It was a delicious dinner! We were stuffed and ready to get some rest so we could explore the city before flying out.

One of my favorite things about being a Select Guest Loyalty member with Omni Hotels & Resorts is the complimentary morning beverage service. Simply put the door hanger out before midnight and have fresh juice, coffee and pastries delivered at your room at a time that you select. Geoff and I slept in so delivery was a little later than normal. After we got ready for our day of Pittsburgh adventures, we went downstairs for some breakfast at the hotels Terrace Room. Fueled up, we were ready to start walking around.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. The hotel was close enough to all the attractions and parks that we simply walked everywhere. We crossed all the bridges at some point and even found one that had locks for lovers. I couldn't wait to ride up the mountain on the Monongahela Incline. It's a very cool, historical rail car that takes you up on top of the mountain (rather than going by car or public transit).

The views from the top were well worth the rickety ride up the mountain. Going down is a crazy thrill as well. I was waiting for the car to go faster but I'm glad it kept pace with the same slow speed going up! It's very cool to think that that's a lot of local's morning commute into downtown.

Once back down safely (not that I was concerned, it's just a different perspective), we ventured over to Point State Park. All the buds had bloomed and the city was on it's lunch break so lots of locals were out and about eating around the fountains and on benches. We stopped at a local pub for a quick bite before heading back to the airport.

Our Pittsburgh journey was coming to an end, but the memories of my dear friend walking down the aisle with never be forgotten.

Thank you to the Omni William Penn for such a fun and relaxing stay while exploring your beautiful city. If you're traveling to Pittsburgh, I would highly recommend staying with Omni and dining across the street at Union Standard. Till next time!

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