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It was my parent's 38th wedding anniversary. My mother had already turned 60 and my dad was nearing 70. I wanted to plan a special trip to celebrate their milestone birthdays and toast their long marriage with years to come. California is their favorite place to visit and venture out. My mother loves the salty air and sound of the ocean waves and dad enjoys the fresh, coastal seafood. Geoff and I were simply happy to take a vacation to the coast!

We rented a car and drove from the San Diego airport to Carlsbad, where Omni La Costa Hotel & Resort is located. The drive was easy and quick, not to mention scenic with the ocean to the West. When we pulled up to the resort, we were in awe of its' beauty and size. It seemed as though every room would have an exceptional view.

What a beautiful resort! The bright blue skies brought everything to life. The shadows of the palm trees danced across the buildings with the cool ocean air and the smell of fragrant floral surrounded us as we made our way to the main lobby. After checking in, they had a golf cart for our luggage and a bell person to show us the quickest way from the main hotel building to our rooms.

After settling in, we met up again for a bite at their restaurant Vue. And boy was it! We started with some refreshing cocktails and ordered some local seafood. It was nice to simply breath and relax after a day of traveling. My fish tacos were thick and juicy, properly seasoned. Our desserts where just right amount of decadent and sweet. My parents loved their carrot bunt cake!

We came back to our room with a lovely welcome and delightful treat. Thank you Omni La Costa!!

The next morning was perfect. We slept in (since we were still on Dallas time), made coffee in the room and watched the sun rise over the picturesque golf courses before heading to breakfast at Vue.

It was time to explore and that meant heading to the beach! We ventured out to downtown Carlsbad and Encinitas beach. The coastal views where exactly what we needed to rejuvenate and refresh. It's amazing how small you feel with standing in the ocean. I was so at peace and grateful for the things I loved the most. I could tell my parents where as well. It was a treat to see them looking that beach together, so in love like the day they were married. I feel that love when I'm with Geoff everyday.

The main drag in Encinitas was so charming. We stopped at a local Italian restaurant for lunch. Afterwards, we headed to downtown Carlsbad. There were tons of local surf shops, not a single main stream store. We also found some amazing murals walking around the area. We grabbed a quick drink at a fun bar with a view and them went exploring. And of course we headed back to the beach!

No wonder so many people love California and retire here. Geoff and I have actually talked about it too!

That evening, we enjoyed Omni La Costa's seasonal menu, Smoke. The Omni Originals menus always provide something unique that is not regularly on their menu. We snacked on calamari, a smoked ham board, fried with smoked ketchup and I sipped on a smokey old fashioned.

The next day, after another delicious breakfast at Vue (I mean it's seriously the best), we headed out to the Arts & Wine Festival. There was a pet adoption, live artwork and delicious wines for us to try, including amazing live music from local venues like the San Diego Orchestra and Opera. It was a great day too; bright and sunny with a refreshing ocean breeze.

My parents decided to head down the coast for some alone time to celebrate their anniversary. Geoff and I headed back to Omni La Costa for some time to ourselves as well. We ate at Bob's Steak & Chop House that evening and had an amazing and relaxing meal. Our server was polite and kind plus gave some great recommendations.

The last box to check off on our list was a spa day. I scheduled a facial and massage while Geoff opted for a hair cut. It's the simple things. But first, breakfast at Vue!

Clearly, breakfast is my favorite!

We walked over to the spa. The salon and therapy rooms were separate so we parted ways to enjoy some relaxation time before departing. The spa was a genuine escape. As soon as I walked in, grabbed my robe and got some infused wellness water, I was transformed. The scenery was exceptionally kept and very picturesque. Of course it was Insta-worthy.

After leaving the spa, feeling energized and ready to take on the world, it was time to pack up and get ready to head out. We did one more round about the resort and stopped at the sports bar for a snack. To our surprise, there was a wedding going on! What a perfect place to have your nuptials. It was beautiful!

Thank you for an amazing vacation and helping with the celebration of my parents anniversary, Omni La Costa Resort! We had a great time and cannot wait to return for another getaway. Till next time, CA!!

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